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Celebrating An Airborne Legacy

  70 years. A lot can happen in 70 years. Have you ever watched one of those time-lapsed videos of a flower blooming that has been sped up? When I think about history, that's how I see it. For every Army Unit, there is a history reel full of evolving images, filled with shifting ...

Catching the Bouquet

Almost every girl has a memory or story of "catching the bouquet" at a wedding. It's only natural that I should share mine, right? Well, many...many years ago, like all young girls after a wedding ceremony, I dashed at the chance when the announcement came of the bride throwing her bouquet. At that ...

Common Weight Loss Misconceptions

Haven’t achieved your weight loss goal yet? Let’s break down common misconceptions that can set you back. 1) Skipping breakfast and lunch to save the “calories” for dinner. Why this doesn’t work – your body is starving all day. By the time you decide to eat you are so hungry. You en...


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