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Enjoy online shopping & Veteran Made products.  We are similar to Etsy, the difference is all our shop owners are Military, Veterans, First Responders, or their immediate family members. Shop! Join! or Both!


Listings are constantly vetted for accurate descriptions, pictures and are made by the rightful owner. Get exactly what you ordered.


Buy Veteran Made products with confidence as all shop owners abide by the highest standards or they will not be listed here.

Patriot Owned

All shop owners are verified Service Members, Veterans, First-Responders or their immediate family members. Support someone who served.

Payment Security

No financial information is ever stored on POMP USA. We still maintain SSL Certificates with the highest encryption levels to protect privacy.

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Millions of Facebook user passwords were

  FacebookOpens a New Window. employees had access to hundreds of millions of user passwordsOpens a New Window. over the past few years, the social mediaOpens a New Window. giant said on Thursday, a disclosure that will add even more scrutiny on a company that has ...

AOC Said Invading Afghanistan Was Wrong.

These Vets Say She Doesn't Speak for Them. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) stirred some new criticism when she said it might have been better for the United States to not intervene in Afghanistan after the terrorist attacks on September 11.Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez✔@AOCReplying to @AOCI r...

How Twitter's algorithm is amplifying ex

New York (CNN Business)Imagine opening up the Twitter app on your phone and scrolling through your feed. Suddenly, you come across a hyper-partisan tweet calling Hillary Clinton the "godmother of ISIS." It's from a user you do not follow, and it's not in your feed by virtue of a retweet from a user ...


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  • Steel Signs | Wall Art | Home Decor
  • Grunt Style Sale
  • Patriotic Hats