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The soft and delicate soap is perfect for both for toddlers and adults. With a gentle baby fresh smell, your skin will feel as soft as a newborn. 1Qty box of soap includes three bars of soap, and one baby powder bath bomb.

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Love This Product! Review by Anne
I have a weakness for homemade soap, so I've bought quite a bit of it. This fragrance is so nice and delicate. The bath bomb was larger than most, so I felt it was a good value. I would definitely recommend this. (Posted on 9/11/2018)

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  • Why do we use coffee in our soap products?

We use coffee in our soap because of the antioxidants for a natural source for exfoliating with deep cleansing. The coffee adds a natural color, and smell that works well with essential oils.


  • Why can't I purchase a single soap?

Our soap is only sold as a bundle. Due to the size and shipping it is beneficial for our customers to utilize as much space as possible.


  • How do I know which soap to order?

Listed under each soap descriptions are the main ingredients, with a recommendation for which soaps are best, for different types of skin. You may also find details of each ingredient on the product list page. 


  • Can I order a mix bundle of soap?

Yes, you may order a mixed soap bundle. There are no additional charges. Place your initial order, you will be given the option to send us feedback on your order or, You may also email us directly.


  • Why can't I return soap?

Soap can not be return. All sales are final. If you have a concern, please contact Customer Service and your issue will be resolved in a timely manner with a store credit. 


  • Does the soap have lye in it?

No we do not sell soap with lye. All of the soap bases are premium, detergent free, and detergent soap bases. 

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Soap can not be returned. All sales are final. If you have a concern, please click our Contact Us link and your issue will be resolved in a timely manner with a store credit. 



Getting to know us!

We started Soap Squads, LLC because we wanted to create a natural soap that would not only clean our bodies but enrich our skin. Every soap has a purpose to define a better body.  Our ingredients is what makes our soap stand out. The feel of natural oils, clays, and exfoliators is what we set out to offer.  We traveled the world and experienced many different types of soap. 



One thing was missing, there was not enough nourishing products. We at Soap Squads, want to give the right amount of ingredients  for each bar of soap. Our goal is to make your body, softer and more replenishing. We hope you enjoy the soap, as much as we enjoy making it. 


The Team at Soap Squads Thanks You!

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