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Pull this pen out and watch the reaction. This is hand crafted by a 20-year Veteran, feels great, and is a beautiful piece for the patriotic professional.

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Hand crafted pen with our custom bullet-tip design and rifle back. Pens of this quality take time, it is a superb piece to handle and hold.

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We make hand crafted pens with high quality parts and materials.  To start each pen’s center selected and then turned to size and shape on our lathe.  After being turned to size and shape each center is polished to a fine shine using eight progressively finer grits of sandpaper.  Finally, the pieces are fitted pressed together for final assembly.

Hello my name is Aaron and I own and operate Patriot Pens.  I am a 20 year Army veteran and I have been woodworking for over30 years.  I love to show my creativity and skills as I create new things from things no one expects.