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Since every Fire For Effects, LLC flag is made to order please take the following timelines into consideration when placing your order.   

Standard Slatted Flags: 2-4 Weeks

Custom Slatted Flags: 3-6 Weeks

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Our Large Custom Slatted Flag overall dimensions are 48” X 26”, Medium Slatted Flag 37" X 19.5", Small Slatted Flag 24" X 13", and is approximately 13/16” in thickness.  Our Custom Slatted Flags can have the Union customized with almost any logo with the exception of copyrighted images and artwork not authorized for reproduction.  The stripes may also be customized with any text you prefer as long as it will fit and remain clearly visible. Unlike our Standard Flag Collection, the Custom Slatted Flag Collection requires a small amount of communication between our graphic designer and the customer to ensure we produce a final product that is 100% correct the first time.  Generally the custom ordering process will operate as such: 

Step 1: Select Size

Step 2: Select (Yes/No) if you want a Custom Image in the Union

Step 3: Select the quantity of customized stripes or (None)

Step 4: Enter your email address into text box.  

Step 5: Select ADD TO CART

Step 6: You will receive a return email from within 72 hours that will advise of the next step in the process.  From that point forward we will work closely with every customer to ensure the process is smooth and the product is delivered just as you envisioned.

Need shipping to Alaska or Hawaii please "contact us".

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Since every Fire For Effects, LLC flag is made to order please take the following timelines into consideration when placing your order.   

Standard Slatted Flags: 2-4 Weeks for Production

Custom Slatted Flags: 3-6 Weeks for Production

It is our intent to ship out every order as quickly as possible, however if there is a time constraint with a ceremony etc.. please contact and we will make every attempt to meet all reasonable suspense’s in an effort to earn your business.

Need shipping to Alaska or Hawaii please "contact us".



At any time should you not be 100% satisfied with your purchase, please contact to address your concerns.  It is our intent to work tirelessly to correct any and all issues you may have with our products.  Should you request a refund please pay for the return shipping and handling and Fire For Effects, LLC will issue a full refund.   

All Sales on Custom Slatted Flag Orders are FINAL.


Fire For Effects, LLC. Is owned and operated by two veterans who were able to turn a hobby into an opportunity.  Throughout our time in the military we have been a part of many awards ceremonies that often times end up presenting soldiers, and military supporters with gifts of appreciation and achievement that were anything but impressive, and predominantly it was the same type of gift being presented at these various ceremonies throughout the years.  We have been the recipients of these gifts through the passing years and at this point it becomes something that you shove in the back of a closet or tucked away in a box opposed to something you proudly display for your achievements, like it should be.   Noticing this occur year after year and ceremony after ceremony is what led to the inception of Fire For Effects.   We wanted to develop an award soldiers and veterans would proudly display in their homes or office.  An item that others would look at and look forward to the day they would receive something similar.  Thus providing a sought after item for such events.