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10x 18 Rustic Teal and Brown Glass Art

10x 18 Rustic Teal and Brown Glass Art

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Welcome to Tattered Flag Designs! My name is Kate Ogle and I am currently located in Louisiana. I primarily work with painting and creating designs, but in the last year I have expanded to working with wood and glass. 

You will notice a theme throughout most of my pieces; I am a proud American, patriotic to the core and love to create art that captures my passion. Not only do I love the iconic pieces that represent our country and what it stands for, but also the everyday items and events that epitomizes our life in America

My inspiration and motivation comes from my husband, Matthew, who has not only believed in me and encouraged me, but has also provided the means to explore new avenues of art. He is currently a soldier in the United States Army and the backbone of Tattered Flag Designs.

Thomas Merton stated, "Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time." In finding my passion in art, I have lost myself in this crazy, exciting new world that I hope to share with you.