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A salute to those who made us who we are:

My grandfather, Gene Petty, taught me: a man is not defined by his money, but rather by the impact that he has on those around him; a man must stand on his convictions and act when needed; love and compassion does not make one weak; masculinity is not defined by words and objects, but rather how one treats others and conducts oneself. Here’s to the men that redefine manliness.

Gentleman. Belligerent Beard.

This beard oil is designed for lessening the itch and softening the beard, while providing a smell that the ladies you open the door for will love. We present Gentleman.

2 fl.oz, 60ml

Ingredients: Jojoba Oil*, Argan Nut Oil*, Almond Oil*, Avocado Oil*, Natural Vitamin E Oil, Tonka Bean Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil (*USDA Certified Organic Ingredient)

Directions & Use: Shake bottle before use. For a soft, itch-free beard, apply 1 pump to fingers and then rub into beard. Brush smooth. Repeat as needed.

Disclaimer: Personally I support natural selection, but the government tries to keep stupid people alive so: try not to drink this; don’t let kids play with this; if you have an irritation, stop using this; and finally, I am not a doctor so this product is not meant to diagnose or treat anything.

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After getting out of the active duty Marine Corps, my wife and I decided to move to the area that we so much enjoyed while I was stationed on the east coast, Port City. Like all Marines coming off active duty, with a DD-214 in hand, I wanted to grow a beard. 

I wanted a better product.  A product for me and those like me. Men who only smell like flowers after we get done picking up flowers for our girl.  Men who are manly and tough, but have a sensitive side for those we love.  So one well thought out idea at a time, my wife and I launched Belligerent Beard. Founded on ideas such as a quality product at a fair price, a holistic approach from product creation to point of sales, and being an active part of the community.

We don’t have someone else design and make our product, then drop ship it for us.  We do the research and development.  We mix the oils. We do the bottling, labeling, marketing, and everything else that comes with the company.  As we make our products, we work with other veteran owned companies.

If able, we use organic oils. We demand sustainable, quality oils from our suppliers, so we can give you a quality product. We don’t test on animals (unless you count Marines) or get supplies from companies that test on animals. We want to give you a product that you are proud to put on your face.

Every one of our products gives a salute to those who made us who we are.  These people or groups have had an impact on who I am, ranging from my great (times a few) uncle John Colter, to my father, and to my Marines.

We are working hard to be our own and only having to answer to our customers. We thank you for your support of this veteran owned company, and while you might tame your beard, never tame your personality.