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Part Number: CRA-1320GTRW-WG

  • Ring Material: Tungsten
  • Width: 8mm
  • Made in the USA
  • Free Shipping
  • Lifetime Sizing Warranty

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Tire Tread Wedding Ring - Slick Tire Ring


Made in the USA and handcrafted of durable tungsten, the Slick Tire ring is a rugged ring which mimics the look of a slick race car tire. This ring's simple design features a slightly curved surface and black matte finish, sure to be admired by any car enthusiast. The Slick Tire is also one of our most versatile tire tread wedding bands and adds a unique look on any occasion. Tire tread rings and tire tread wedding rings are becoming more popular and NASCAR fans, backyard mechanics, and car enthusiasts alike will love this design. Let your passion of cars or racing show proudly with our tough Slick Tire ring, perfect for individuals or for couples on their wedding day.

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Our Purpose
Camo Rings America was born out of the belief that one shouldn't have to "hunt" for top quality rings at affordable prices. Camouflage is our specialty and we're proud to offer a wide variety of camo rings, camo engagement rings, and camo wedding rings. We're also proud to offer a wide variety of other unique rings including tire tread rings, wood inlay rings, Christian rings, abalone and mother of pearl inlay rings, rustic rings, and many other styles coming soon. Deciding on the perfect ring doesn't have to be a stressful event. We want to take the stress and confusion out of the ring selection process by providing numerous options, affordable prices, and excellent customer service.
Whether you've been searching through countless camo wedding rings for the big day or would just like a tire tread ring to reflect your interests and lifestyle, we've got you covered. Be sure to check out our entire selection of country-inspired rings today!


What Makes Us Different?
Besides the fact that all of our rings are made with top quality materials, we offer an exclusively unique selection of rings and patterns. In addition to our Officially Licensed lines of Realtree camo wedding rings and Mossy Oak camo rings, we also offer rings with completely unique camo patterns! And, in keeping with the country and outdoor spirit, our lines of Christian, Rustic, Shell Inlay, Tire Tread, and Wood Inlay rings are also very popular and stylish. Be sure to check back often, as we continually update our material and add new rings every month.


Our Unique Ring Styles
Camo RingsCamo Rings: Love of hunting, fishing, camping and the outdoors are represented in this rugged line of rings. Looking for camo wedding ideas? Camo rings are the perfect compliment to camo wedding dresses or a camo-inspired tuxedo! Whether you just want a camo ring to represent you or if it's for your special and unique wedding day, our one of a kind camo rings are sure to please!


Camo Engagement RingCamo Engagement Rings: Before proposing, make sure that you have an engagement ring that represents her life, personality, style, and interests. If she loves the outdoors or is the adventurous type, then a camouflage engagement ring might just be the perfect choice. With a variety of styles, stone shapes, and colors, including traditional greens to purple, orange and snow patterns, Camo Rings America has a style to fit every taste.


Christian RingChristian Rings: Strength and faith come together in our new line of beautiful and inspiring Christian rings. This style is perfect for couples or individuals who would like a wedding band or just an every day ring to reflect their deep love and faith. With designs that feature the Cross or ure, finding the perfect Christian ring or wedding ring that expresses love and devotion has never been so easy.


Pink Camo RingPink Camo Rings: If your loved one is obsessed with the color pink, then a pink camo ring from Camo Rings America is a great option for a wedding band or an every day ring to show off their signature color. From soft pink colors to bright and bold pink patterns, there's a style for everyone. Our pink camo rings are available in Mossy Oak and Realtree designs, as well as completely unique patterns. Be sure to check out our beautiful selection of pink camouflage rings and get yours today!


Rustic RingsRustic Rings: Rural-inspiration and strength come together to form this rugged yet charming line of rings. With a variety of styles to choose from, rustic rings are perfect for individuals who enjoy the simple things in life and embody an easy-going style. This line is also ideal for couple's seeking wedding bands that are less flashy in style. Whether you're at the fishing hole, working in the garden, or at the rodeo, our rustic rings are the ideal complement to all things country.


Shell RingsShell Inlay Rings: A love of the ocean, the beach, or nautical life is represented perfectly when wearing a shell inlay ring. Those who live and work near the ocean will appreciate this style of ring as well as those with great memories of beach vacations. Whether you're a sailor, boat enthusiast, or you feel the sea runs through your veins, a nautical-inspired shell inlay ring is the ideal keepsake and will be treasured for years to come.


Tire Tread RingsTire Tread Rings: Enthusiasts of race cars, four-wheel drive trucks, and motorcycles will love this unique line of rings. Durable and scratch-resistant, our tire tread rings are made to last and are also perfect for couple's seeking wedding bands to represent their unique style. From "gear heads" to NASCAR fans to those that love mud riding, our tire tread rings are yet another way to display your passion of tough machines.


Wood Inlay Wedding BandWood Inlay Rings: With beautiful and natural wood inlays such as Koa wood, Mahogany, and Black Cherry, each design offers a unique style and overall appearance. Our selection of wood inlay rings are not only out of the ordinary, but they're also extremely durable, scratch-resistant, and made to last. Wood rings are a wonderful choice to use as a wedding band of as one to show your unique style and character.


Choosing the Perfect Wedding Ring: After the excitement of a romantic engagement, the real fun and work of planning a wedding begins! With so many wedding details to plan, don't let choosing the perfect ring be a difficult should be an exciting and fun event. Camo Rings America would love to help you in the ring selection process and to find the one ring that truly takes your breath away. When you break down your "likes" and "must haves" in a logical format, choosing the perfect ring becomes as easy as saying "I do".
Rings that Reflect Personal Style: Your personal style is a reflection on your inner self and personal preferences. It's only natural for a bride to want her wedding ring to match her personal style. When choosing a ring style, ask yourself the following questions (write down your answers, if needed):
1) What are my top 1-2 hobbies/passions?
2) What do we enjoy most as a couple?
3) What is my preferred style of clothing?
4) How would friends/family describe my personality?
5) What is the theme of my wedding?
Now, think about your answers, really visualize them. Look for a central theme or style emerging in your personal responses, and be sure to take note of any positive or reminiscent feelings that may come with a particular answer. Your unique style could be rather obvious or very subtle but choosing your ring style should become easier once you're narrowed your personal style to one or two themes.
Ring Material: All of the metals and ring materials used in our rings are of superior quality, durable, and extremely scratch resistant. Choosing a ring material basically comes down to personal preference (i.e. weight, color, scratch resistance, etc.). Below are some of the benefits of specific ring materials:
Black Zirconium - Made by heating the natural element Zirconium (Zr) to extremely high temperatures. The oxidation process creates a beautiful and permanent black color that is extremely hard, scratch resistant, and light weight. Black Zirconium rings are also resistant to corrosion and can be produced with a high gloss, satin, or matte finishes.
Ceramic - The technical for ceramic (used to make rings) is titanium carbide. Ceramic rings are non-metallic and hypoallergenic, thus a great choice for those with allergies to metals. Stronger and more durable than stainless steel, ceramic rings are extremely durable and scratch resistant.
Cobalt - In jewelry, the cobalt alloy is commonly known as "cobalt chrome." Cobalt is bright, attractive, and has a white/gray color similar to platinum. Cobalt alloys are scratch resistant and extremely durable, and are the same material used to make aircraft jet engines. The cobalt alloy is also used to make surgical instruments, so it's hypoallergenic and a great choice for those with skin allergies to metals. Cobalt chrome does not tarnish, thus very little maintenance is required to maintain a radiant shine. Cobalt rings are heavier than titanium but lighter than tungsten.
Titanium - At three times as strong as steel, titanium is an extremely durable ring material. Titanium also does not corrode or change color from everyday, normal wear. For those who prefer a "weightless" feel when wearing a ring, titanium is an extremely light material.
Tungsten - One of the greatest benefits of tungsten is its ability to maintain shine. Tungsten rings will not dull or fade over time. Tungsten is ten times stronger than gold, making it extremely durable and scratch resistant. For those that prefer to feel the presence of a ring, tungsten is a great choice, as it is heavier than the other material mentioned. Tungsten camo wedding rings are also becoming very popular among couples who love the outdoors.
Which Ring Speaks to You?  It's important to consider technical factors of each ring, but don't forget to trust your gut and really look for the ring that speaks to you. A particular ring may jump off the page immediately as "the one" or it may remind you of an immensely happy memory. Whether you've been searching through pages of rings and still aren't quite sure, your gut feeling and how you feel about the ring is probably the most important aspect.
Should Our Wedding Ring Set Match Exactly?  Some couples get very hung up on the idea that their wedding rings must match exactly. While it is perfectly great to have matching rings, consider his and hers rings that compliment each other. Rings that are similar in style or color or pattern can often have a greater visual impact as a set than those that match exactly. If you're searching for camo wedding ring sets, also check out our unique selection of camo rings for him.  Creating your own wedding ring set with rings that compliment each other allows for more freedom in selection and allows each person to show their individual style.