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A new concept in backpacks, the Vrypac is designed to fit just your essentials, and custom fits around your body's center of mass.

A minimalist sports backpack.  The pouch in 9" x 6" and weighs about 9 oz.  It comes with a neoprene sleeve that is water resistant to store electronics.  There are sternum straps in the front that are adjustable and removable for an individualized fit. This version comes in black only.

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I'm a former procurement officer in the Air Force.  One day in 2014, I wanted to go for a short run. I needed my keys, cell phone, wallet and sunglasses. My brand-name hydration backpack was too cumbersome for this small task.  I didn't want to use pockets or a fanny pack, so I looked online for a backpack or harness to carry my essentials ergomically.  Seeing nothing, Vrypac was born.

Vrypac's purpose is to carry items in a way that has minimal effect on balance or agility when doing physical activity outdoors.  It is designed around the body, not for how much stuff can be put in.

-Teka Thomas

Founder, Vrypac LLC

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