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Patriotic Online Marketplace

 Patriotic Online Marketplace is a dedicated online marketplace for Military Owned and First Responder Owned Businesses.  Conceptually, we are similar to Etsy, the difference is all of our entrepreneurs are Service Members, First Responders, Veterans, or their immediate family members. We empower patriotic entrepreneurs to bring their products to market through a low-cost, dedicated and easy to use platform, thus saving entrepreneurs time and money while reaching a larger customer base. 




A few years ago, I was suddenly thrown into a whole new world of uncertainty when I met Adam.  First came a year-long deployment, then came my first permanent change-of-station (PCS) move.  I wanted to contribute to the family income, but soon realized sacrifices to being a military spouse extended well beyond the loneliness of a deployment.  By not working, I felt this huge loss of independence and like many military spouses, I turned to e-commerce.  I came up with an idea to make 'releasable' baby headbands because all the baby headbands we found were one piece of fabric and inevitable fell down around our baby's neck. I searched for a ‘releasable’ or ‘breakaway’ headbands but could not find anything, so I thought “I’ll make the ‘releasable’ headbands myself” and thought I was solving a problem and on my way to a small entrepreneurial success.


However, opportunity turned into frustration at how over-saturated other marketplaces had become.  Adam saw my disappointment and said, “It’s too bad you can’t highlight the fact that you are a military spouse, I bet people would want to buy from you.” That was it. That was our ‘Eureka’ moment. We felt compelled to create a dedicated marketplace for the military community to sell their products to the public. 


The best part of POMP USA is the ability to build it in our vision. Though we never pursued the ‘releasable’ headband, the journey that began with one idea has opened up so many additional opportunities. We feel blessed to enable others in their pursuit of business success and are proud to be part of the military community and thankful for a grateful nation –Leslie & Adam (Sam & Charleigh, too!)


 The Maneen Family 

Adam, CEO at POMP USA, with wife Leslie, COO at POMP USA, and family on vacation to Lake Tahoe.  Check us out: In the Media

Dan O'Brien
Co-Owner Patriotic Online Marketplace
Dan O'Brien Retired CSM Enlisted Nine & POMP USA
Command Sgt. Maj. Retired Daniel S. O'Brien joined the military in 1990 and served in various overseas and stateside assignments.  Dan is a co-owner of Patriotic Online Marketplace and the CEO & Co-Founder of Enlisted Nine Fight Company and Founder & CEO of Top Cover. His experience turning an idea into a multi-million dollar Veteran Owned Business, extensive network, and business acumen is essential in helping Patriot Owned Businesses.
Business Owners - reach out to us! Let us feature you for free. Yes, POMP USA focuses on e-commerce business right now, but that's just the beginning. We are being funded to do so much more and we need to know the Patriot Owned local and digital businesses as well! There is more to come and we can't wait to launch a whole new line of services next year. 
Social media shares are great! A like, comment, purchase, or referral - all are appreciated!
Why are we doing this? Because we believe in the patriotic community and value entrepreneurs who served our country. We know if we all unite we can change the economic landscape in America.